Heartbreak and Celibacy Pt. 3

The final post in my series on Heartbreak and Celibacy!

Spiritual Friendship

(See Part 1 & Part 2)

Part 3: What Heartbreak and Heartache Have Taught Me About Community

I’m a verbal processor and am usually a miserable failure at not gushing most details of my life with anyone trustworthy who will listen. I must have shared about my feelings for Corey with dozens and dozens of friends those first first two years, even if it was difficult for me to find the right language. Many of my celibate friends empathized and connected through their own stories of heartache and longing—friends who listened to the same laments over and over again and friends who called things as they saw them. My Side A friends, who were open to same-sex relationships, were thankful that I was finally coming to terms with my humanity and experiencing what most typical boys experienced a decade earlier. They helped me know that what I experienced…

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  1. Susan Titus said:

    Gregg, thanks so much for your honest thoughts and wrestling in this series. My husband and I share a house and do life with a young woman who is gay and celibate.
    As we pray for her and, your words and feelings give good direction for our prayers. We live just in South Bend, sonperhaps ournpaths will cross sometime.

  2. Thomas said:

    Dude, I read all three parts this blog and it spoke directly to my heart and what I am experiencing. I have lived so much of life life repressing all my emotions. But due to a lot of factors in my life, it is clear repression is causing me a lot of emotional and mental strain that isn’t sustainable. Now I’m face with the fact I have to confront the deep complexities of my romantic attraction to other men. It scares me to death because I’m afraid of what I will find. Its easy to identify lust as sin, but when it comes to the heart and the desire for intimacy it is not so simple. You’re story has given me hope that I can open up about what I’m really feeling and not just running away in fear because I don’t know what to make of them.

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