A Call to Empathy — Spiritual Friendship

It has been a difficult season for me. I’ve been transitioning cities, working through heartbreak, living with nearly constant heartache, beginning the long-term career job hunt, and learning to live life without the basic structure provided by classes and coursework. Many of my friends are also struggling through difficult break-ups, divorce, depression, addiction, and […]

via A Call to Empathy — Spiritual Friendship

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  1. Mike Jeffries said:

    Love your call to empathy. I have had a similar journey with crushing heart pain becuz of my sga, isolation, deep depression where psalm 88 was my psalm and its “darkness is my only friend” so descriptive of my desert…
    No one could understand. No one… except one dark day in a drug treatment centre the counsellor handed me a poem by Francis Thompson ‘The Hound of Heaven’ and I saw myself as running from my pain rather than to it where I found Him my Lover and Hope.
    Love your call to Empathy,

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